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Navajo rugs usually have a wool warp. If you’re not an expert in fibers, it may be difficult for you to tell what kind of warp was used, but in general cotton and linen are smoother than wool. Wool is, well, wooly. As you can see from the picture at the right, it has little fibers that stick out from the warp threads. Remember that there is one genuine Navajo rug (the Gallup throw) that is woven with a cotton warp. Also bear in mind that cotton was widely used as warp in the late 1800’s. Look at the other indicators to determine the authenticity of the piece, but use the fiber content of the warp as part of your authentication.

This video is Dr. J. Sublette, CEO Medicine Man Gallery. Mark Sublette will discuss how professional art dealers purchase and value authentic Navajo rugs. This video will help you decide if you want to buy your first rug or if you have been collecting for years. The Navajo Chiefs' blanket is one of the most beloved Navajo blanket styles. Native American art expert J. Mark Sublette explains the finer points of authentic Navajo Chief’s blankets. This includes their history, the phases and how to identify them through each historical phase. Navajo textile expert, Dr. J. Mark Sublette explains when to date Navajo Navajo blankets. This video will provide an overview on the characteristics of authentic Navajo blankets, as well as how to identify them.

native american rugs turquoise

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These Navajo rugs were made before 1950. These rugs have a sense of history.The contemporary ones, on the other hand are those that were woven between 1950 and the present. The antique ones, however, are more expensive than the other. Asking the merchant is the best way to determine if the rug is antique. The weaver should be known if the rug is from before 1950s.

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By the 1890s, the internal demand for Navajo weaving was almost non-existent. To make matters worse a widespread financial panic seized the US economy in 1893, depressing commodity prices for the raw wool that had come to replace weavings as the Navajo’s primary trade item. During this difficult time, several traders realized that there could be an external market for Navajo weavings made as rugs rather than blankets. The nascent market for Indian rugs was fueled at the turn of the century by a growing national interest in Native peoples and artifacts. Well-heeled tourists to the Southwest wanted unique souvenirs of the exotic places and peoples they visited, and rugs could easily be incorporated into the highly eclectic and overstuffed interiors of the period.

southwest style rugs sale
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authentic native american rug

This article offers a brief history of Navajo weaving. Learn the history, styles, and terminology of authentic Navajo blankets and rugs in this article by Dr. J. Mark Sublette, CEO of Medicine Man Gallery. In this article, Dr. J. Mark Sublette discusses Navajo rugs from the 1920s to the present day, including history, different kinds of dyes, and regional and trading post styles such as Navajo Crystal, Wide Ruins, Burntwater, and pictorials. This article discusses exemplary authentic Navajo Blankets that were featured in Masterpieces from the Loom, a 2011 exhibit at Medicine Man Gallery. DIscussed are Navajo Chief’s blankets, transitional blankets, Germantown pictorials, and more early Navajo blanket styles.

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