The same factors that apply to the Navajo rugs' natural dyes are also applicable to the material. Saxony is a premium material. Brand rugs are generally less expensive than older ones, as they don't hold much value. The overall condition of the antique rugs can affect the price. The price of damaged or worn-out rugs will be lower, for example. Even with all the issues, the rug will still be more expensive than brand-new ones simply because it is older. You can see the exemplary craftsmanship in the Navajo rugs by looking at their design. The ancient Navajo rugs were woven by skilled weavers.

From the 1880s through the 1930s, reservation traders were the Navajos’ primary contact with the outside world. As such, they also were the weavers’ primary-or even sole-customers. Therefore traders exercised significant influence on weavings simply by paying more for the designs, sizes, colors, and qualities they wanted. Of course, trader’s choices were driven by what they thought they could sell to their off-reservation customers, but they also were guided by their own aesthetic sensibilities. As a result, distinctive styles of rugs emerged around several trading posts in the first years of the twentieth century. Such combinations of pattern and color are known as Regional Styles and are typically named after the trading post that encouraged their production.

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Saxony is a high-quality material.If you are going for brand rugs, the price will generally be lower than the ancient ones as they do not hold that much value. However, the overall condition can determine the price point for the ancient ones. For example, damaged ones with fading issues or worn-out will have a relatively lower price tag. But even with all those issues with the rug, it will be priced higher than the brand-new ones just because it is ancient.

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Continuous warp, lazy lines and selvage lines are three of the best ways to help identify an authentic Navajo rug. The price of the rug should also be considered. Be wary of Navajo rugs priced at $200 or less, as this can be a clear indicator of a fake. Almost all Navajo rugs are made from wool threads, which appear rougher in texture than cotton or linen. Fringe and ridges along the edge of the rug typically indicate a fake. Warp threads that have been cut and run back into the rug will create ridges on the ends. Almost all Navajo rugs are made without fringe.

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Among the ones with an excessively high price tag, Navajo rugs are one. So, why are Navajo rugs so expensive? First of all, they have history attached to them. Secondly, if you notice, these rugs show off an excellent form of craftsmanship. Then, there is the type of weaving method that the weavers use to manufacture these rugs. Finally, the quality of the materials of these rugs is significantly higher than any random rug on the market.

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Your website is wonderful. I have learned a lot. Our family lived in Church Rock, Texas, in the 70s. My parents bought a few rugs in a trade post near the area now called "Legacy Park", and from a Navajo weaving family. They also raised the sheep and lived inside a hagon. I still have the recipe for the mutton stew, and the fry bread. They're not the names my mother remembers. Please help me to identify the type of rug they are. They are five in all.

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