What local charities exist in Oceanside California?

What local charities exist in Oceanside California?

Oceanside Charities are non-profit organizations, recognized as tax-exempt entities by the IRS, that focus their mission on the public good in Oceanside, California. These charities are dedicated to educating and serving the wider population through traditional activities such as religious services, lectures, seminars and tutorials. Additionally they manage health and wellness projects, volunteer workdays and distribute funds to other charities. Churches, educational organizations associated with public universities, hospitals or medical research institutes benefiting from donations may all fall under Oceanside Charitable foundations.

Donations both in money form or in kind (clothing, furniture) can be sent directly to the organization or by using online portals for donation purpose. All donations are tax deductible at a federal level and are an excellent way to help out those who need it most. Those wanting to get more involved can find opportunities with local non-profits in volunteering roles based on their skill set or expertise giving way to meaningful change at hand within the community. Most charities provide details of their works and programs of service on their websites which often include information on donations & volunteer opportunities as well as beneficiary stories from previous campaigns/programs from prior years.

Hearts of Baja

Hearts of Baja is a local charity based in Oceanside, California that is dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable people living in Tijuana and its surrounding communities. The organization works with vulnerable children and families to provide them with basic needs like food, clothing, and medical care. They also offer education programs and support services such as job training and life skills classes. Hearts of Baja has been in operation since 2001 and is funded through donations and grants.

269 Osborne St, Vista, CA 92084


What local charities exist in Oceanside California?

Oceanside Charities & Non-Profits

The Emiliani Project

The Emiliani Project is a local charity that exists in Oceanside, California. It is an organization dedicated to providing basic needs and resources to the homeless and disadvantaged families of Oceanside. The project was founded in 2002 by Diane Clay and Mike Miller, whose goal was to provide basic necessities like clothing, hygiene items, food, blankets, and other essential items to those who needed it most in the community. The Emiliani Project also works to provide job skills training and educational resources to help empower those in need.

884 Arvita Ct, Oceanside, CA 92057

Patriotic Hearts

Patriotic Hearts is a local charity based in Oceanside, California. Founded in 2010, it is dedicated to helping veterans and their families in need. Patriotic Hearts provides a variety of services including housing assistance, legal aid, employment opportunities, educational resources, and mental health services. The organization also organizes events such as veteran appreciation days, job fairs, and other community-

Patriotic Hearts also provides financial assistance to veterans and their families through its Emergency Financial Assistance Program. This program gives grants to veterans who are in need of immediate assistance due to unexpected financial hardship. The organization’s goal is to help veterans and their families get back on their feet, with the ultimate goal of helping them become self-sufficient.

300 Carlsbad Village Dr., Ste 108A, #159, Carlsbad, CA 92008


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Bose Foundation

Bose Foundation

Bose Foundation

The Bose Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established to fund the humanitarian efforts of Tripti Sengupta De Bose, a non-resident Indian and a citizen of the United States. De Bose traveled to the villages of KandKandrya in the Himalayan foothills of Himachal Pradesh, India, and distributed aid to nearly 250 children attending five local schools. children's regular scholastic requirements.

6980 Mercury Pl, Carlsbad, CA 92009


Wounded Warrior Homes Inc.

The organization provides housing, support services, and life skills training to veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Wounded Warrior Homes also runs a transitional housing program that helps veterans transition from homelessness to independent living. The organization also works to raise awareness about veteran homelessness in the community and advocates for policy change to help improve the lives of veterans.

1145 Linda Vista Dr #104, San Marcos, CA 92078


Giving Tree Medical Charity

Giving Tree Medical Charity

Giving Tree Medical Charity is a medical ministry that was established in 2015 as a way of life – a small seed was planted on the Caribbean island of Dominica. Its headquarters are in San Diego. As the founders of Giving Tree were studying medicine at the same time that there were unmet local healthcare needs, they started looking for ways to use what they already knew to provide care for local food shop owners, housekeepers, and homes for the elderly. On a more manageable scale, it was determined what people needed, various pieces of equipment were gathered, and people were given what they needed. Giving Tree Medical Charity is one of the best charities you can trust if you are looking for one near Oceanside, CA.

3221 Mt Whitney Rd, Escondido, CA 92029


Spirit of Sharing

The Spirit of Sharing is a charity organization in Oceanside, California, dedicated to serving the local community and providing assistance to those in need. Founded in 1991, the organization works to provide food and other essential items to people who are facing economic hardship. Through their network of volunteers and generous donations from the community, they are able to help hundreds of families each month.

The Spirit of Sharing also offers other services, such as a food pantry, clothing closet, and counseling and referral services. They have an annual fundraiser that helps to support all of their many programs, and they are always looking for volunteers to help in their mission.

1361 Rocky Point Dr, Oceanside, CA 92056


The Bruiser Woods Vilkaitis Foundation
The Bruiser Woods Vilkaitis Foundation

The Bruiser Woods Vilkaitis Foundation

The Bruiser Woods Vilkaitis Foundation For Unexpected Expenses Related To A Pet's Illness Or Death is a local charity in Oceanside, California. Founded in 2018 by Julie and Mark Vilkaitis, the foundation was created in honor of their beloved dog Bruiser Woods to help families cover unexpected expenses related to a pet’s illness or death. The foundation serves as a bridge between pet owners and the veterinary community, offering assistance in the form of grants, financial assistance, and emotional support.

The organization also supports local animal rescue groups and sponsors events to raise awareness about pet health and wellness.

2772 Roosevelt St # 2164, Carlsbad, CA 92008


The Brother Benno Foundation

The Brother Benno Foundation

The Brother Benno Foundation was founded in 1982 to honor the ministry of Brother Benno, who served the poor and homeless of San Diego for over 25 years. The Foundation has committed itself to a mission that is inspired by Jesus's call in Matthew 25:31-45; they seek to feed, clothe, provide shelter, offer comfort and support recovery from addiction for those in need. This commitment enfolds all people regardless of race, religion or age.

The activities that the Foundation carries out are wide-ranging. They provide over 180,000 meals annually through their feeding programs for homeless individuals and families; they house residents in temporary shelters; and they offer assistance through their community transitions program to assist people with finding permanent housing. Additionally, the Foundation operates a thrift store which helps fund operations while providing low-cost clothing and household items to those in need. Overall, the Foundation stands firm on its dedication to fulfil its mission statement: “to carry on the ministry of Brother Benno by living out the gospel according to Matthew 25:31-45* with love and compassion”.

3260 Production Ave, Oceanside, CA 92058


The Brother Benno Foundation