Back in the 1950s, Le Corbusier designed the Indian city, Chandigarh. Alongside a group of Indian architects, Corbusier tested his architectural and urban theories that have been revered to this day. Also, a key part of the construction of the city was Corbusier’s cousin, Pierre Jeanneret, who is considered the author of a great part of the city’s furniture.

With the blessing of Pierre Jeanneret’s estate, furniture name Cassina has put together the “Hommage à Pierre Jeanneret” collection. The furniture range celebrates the comfort and elegance of the Swiss architect’s masterpiece designs.

Faithfully produced in the Cassina carpentry workshop is the “Capitol Complex Office Chair,” “Capitol Complex Chair,” “Capitol Complex Table,” “Capitol Complex Armchair,” “Civil Bench” and “Kangaroo armchair.” Each is constructed of prestigious wood and Viennese cane with rigorous monitoring at each step of production to ensure high-quality workmanship that lasts a lifetime. The iconic upside-down “V” shaped structures are accompanied by generous seat/backrest cushions and padded armrests.